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Add Value to Your Self-Published Book with a CD or DVD!

Self-publishers: If you’ve written a book, you may want to consider creating a CD or DVD with audio, video or e-media content to add value to your self-published book. Then you can leverage your content and double your price AND your profits on Amazon!

First, you will need to open an Amazon Advantage account. This is a consignment program where Amazon requests copies of your product based on current and anticipated customer demand. It works like this: you mail copies of your product to Amazon; when a customer makes a purchase, Amazon’s fulfillment department  ships it out directly to the customer. Once a month payments (transactions from your book sales, less Amazon’s portion) are deposited into your checking account.

You can list the CD/DVD (audio, video or other media) separately, or you can list your book and CD/DVD as a set. If you sell your pieces separately, each book must have a its unique bar code and ISBN number and each CD/DVD must have its unique bar code and UPC or EAN number. Alternatively, you can insert the CD/DVD on the inside front or back cover of your book. There are various methods of attaching the CD/DVD to the inside covers that incorporate clear plastic sleeves or self-adhesive CD/DVD “spiders” or hubs/holders.

Selling Your Book and CD/DVD as a Set

Your entire set must have one single unique bar code and UPC or EAN number (that is different from your book’s ISBN and CD/DVD’s bar code and UPC/EAN number) clearly visible on the outer packaging that identifies it as a set. Your book and CD/DVD must be clearly labeled with the words “Sold as Set” and bound together (shrink wrapped) to prevent the two pieces from becoming separated in Amazon’s fulfillment center. It is important that the pieces are packaged and labeled as per section 4.10 of the Advantage Instructions and Rules. The bar codes and ISBN/UPC/EAN numbers of the individual component pieces of the set must NOT be visible.

Design a Branded Set of Products

Make your products look professional by designing the CD/DVD label to match the book in theme, style, typography and graphics. Products with a cohesive, branded style add value and fetch a higher price. Tell your designer in advance that you’re creating a branded product line, and he/she can create a sophisticated look that is easy to adapt to various product packages.

Shown below are two book covers with branded CD labels our team designed for clients. In the first case our client Bill Young chose to attach the CD to the inside of the front cover of this hard cover book. CD/DVD labels can be printed on self-adhesive paper or directly on the CD itself. In the second case John Hall’s CD label was a part of a 6-CD set audio book, sold separately.

Two Examples of How to Add Value to Your Self-Published Book

add value to your self-published book

add value to your self-published book

add value to your self-published book

add value to your self-published book