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Branding and Publishing for Speaker Launching His Business

Our team recently provided branding and publishing for speaker Brian Dennis. We guided Brian through the process of self-publishing his second book while at the same time created his brand, built his website and designed his marketing toolkit within a 4 month period. The expedited schedule was precipitated on an important upcoming speaking opportunity for Brian.

My publishing team members edited his book, designed the book interior, finished the cover, converted it into an ebook and uploaded the files to Kindle, Barnes & Noble and Apple within 3 months.

Meanwhile, other members of my team created his brand and marketing toolkit with a new logo, stationery package, tagline, speaker one sheet, and enhanced photo composites of Brian. Our website team wrote the content, designed, developed and launched his website a week ahead of schedule.

Our two-track process worked very well for our team, keeping everyone busy with the work they do best. I thrived on the job as the project manager.

Brian is Positioned as a Keynote Speaker

As a result of our expert work on this project, Brian’s photos are strong and prominent and his website and one sheet content is compelling, clear and consistent. Our goal is to make our clients shine as an expert and be poised to step up as a thought leader!

Brian is an Author and Self-publisher

Brian originally came to me in 2011 to design the cover of his book on customer service, If the Customer’s is the Copilot, You’re in the Wrong Seat! My top-gun illustrator, Marty Petersen illustrated the eye-catching front cover before the project was put on hold for 5 years. We stayed in contact, and Brian reached out in June this year to pick up the pieces and move forward on two tracks: Publishing the book and launching his speaking business.

branding and publishing for speaker

Here’s what Brian said about me in the Acknowledgments section of the book:

To Karen Saunders, my book designer and mentor in the publishing world. Karen has more patience than anyone I have ever known and has stood by me from the day we met. Not only a talented publisher and expert around all things that go into the making of a book, she is a friend who I will always cherish.

Branding and Publishing for Speaker Brian Dennis:


Brian Dennis


Keynote Speaker | Author
Customer Service Innovator


Re-imagine tomorrow’s customer experience today.™

Main Website Address

Logo and Front of Business Card

branding and publishing for speaker

Back of Business Card

branding and publishing for speaker


branding and publishing for speaker

#10 Envelope

branding and publishing for speaker

Front of One Sheet

branding and publishing for speaker

Back of One Sheet

branding and publishing for speaker

Website Homepage

branding and publishing for speaker

Brian was very happy with our team and the results:

It’s difficult to write a testimonial about Karen and not turn it into a book. There is much to say about the incredible team she has assembled which makes them so unique as new authors search out the best way to get their book to market. She offers a comprehensive approach to manage the project with a team that is committed and personally invested in the entire success of your book. As a thought leader on the topic of customer service, Karen Saunders & Associates would stand as a case study in professionalism, commitment, and a winning team that embraces their clients.” 

Brian Dennis

Author, Speaker, Customer Service Trendsetter