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From Karen Saunders

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Website and Branding Webinar at Women’s Economic Summit

This month I have something very special for you: a free branding webinar.

You are invited to hear my presentation at the Virtual Women’s Economic Summit. It is entitled: “Branding, Logo, and Website, Oh My!” The Yellow Brick Roadmap to Develop Your Brand, Website and Marketing Materials.

Branding Webinar

This is a FREE 60-minute audio recording in Q&A format.

First I will describe how a branding assessment clarifies the fundamentals of your business. Then I’ll show you the most important key elements and why you definitely need a brand. Finally, I’ll explain how to leverage your time, effort and dollars by creating a solid brand foundation for your “brand volcano.” Sound intriguing? You’ll also receive a 16-page color handout with lots of graphic samples. How cool is that?

But you’ll have to hurry, the Virtual Women’s Economic Summit 2010 will take place next week!

That’s March 1-5, 2010. Here’s the link to register:

Do you every wonder why a competitor’s business get more attention than yours? Why do they sell more than you do? Convert more traffic?

The answer may have to do with the elements that go into how memorable the business is, defining your target market, and clarifying the key benefits your clients receive. And that has to do with branding.

But exactly what is branding, anyway? And how do you take your business through the branding process? What comes first, the brand, logo or your website? Do you need really need a logo? Are you totally confused and don’t know where to turn or invest your marketing dollars? Are you about ready to say . . .

“Branding, Logo, and Website, Oh My!?”

Here’s my presentation outline:

A. Definitions

  • What is a Brand?
  • What is a Logo?
  • What is a Branding Assessment?
  • What is a Business/Corporate Identity Package?

B. What are the Key Elements of Your Brand?

C. Why Do You Need a Brand? What are the Benefits?

D. The Yellow Brick Roadmap

E. The Brand Volcano: A visual image of the process

F. Why Use a Team?

You really owe it to yourself to register for this event.

Although the content is directed to businesswomen, they tell me no one will be checking ID’s at the (virtual) door, so the men out there can listen in on the strategies that will be shared.

Here is a partial list of the other fantastic speakers and their topics:

Patricia Drain: “Monetize Your Gifts!” . . . and begin creating multiple streams of income today!

Margie Zable Fisher: “Get National Publicity – Quickly and Easily”

Katie Gutierrez: “Secrets to Increasing Your Productivity & Income”

Denise Hedges: “Market Like a Pro” . . . The Secrets You Don’t Know!

Janet Macdaniel: “Keeping You on the Right Path” . . . Avoiding 7 Deadly Mistakes in Internet Marketing

Lynn Pierce: “Blueprint for Success” . . .Live Your True Passion and Wealth

If you have all the business you want, no need for you to register. If you don’t, you’ll want to register to find better ways to market, sell and propel your business to where you’d like to be.

By attending this virtual tele-summit, you’ll get loads of innovative ideas and strategies for generating new business –  all from the comfort of your home or office.

Check it out for yourself. I know you’ll agree with me.

This is a not-to-miss event!