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From Karen Saunders

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7 Steps to Create a Powerful Brand and a Website that Delivers

Here are the Details of Our 7-Step Brand, Marketing and Website System

Are you a new speaker, author, or consultant? Perhaps you’ve been in business for a while but want to raise your presence in the marketplace. We can guide you through the process of branding and marketing your business online.

Our  experienced team of branding experts, graphic designers, copywriters, website designers, programmers, and search engine specialists will create a dynamic brand and powerful website to help you meet the marketing goals you’ve set for your business.

We’ve developed a seamless 7-step system that builds on and leverages the content and decisions you make during each step in the process. This system is proven to save you time and money. If you require assistance in only one or two areas we would be happy to help you too. Here are the steps we take:

1. Strategic discussions

First we will hold strategic discussions to set your objectives and marketing strategies. What are your goals for growing your business? Do you have a marketing plan? What do you want your website to do for you? Do you want it to be an on-line brochure or a hard-working marketing tool that actively builds a list of prospects through opt-in boxes?

2. Brand development

Our branding expert will schedule a lengthy interview to uncover the values your business provides and the benefits your clients receive. She’ll identify your niche, target market(s) and core message. Then she will distill your message into a dynamic, powerful and unique tagline (slogan). She’ll finalize your company name, domain name(s), and positioning statement. Then our team will create an attractive and eye-catching logo which graphically supports your message. Once your brand colors are selected, you’ll want to get professional photos taken in a couple of complementary wardrobe pieces.

3. Design stationery package

These corporate identity pieces will integrate your new logo, tagline and photo. Components may include your business cards, letterhead and #10 envelope. We can add note cards and mailing labels too.

4. Website creation – strategic direction, key messaging, copywriting

Our website copywriter will meet with you to discuss key marketing strategies and messaging that will drive the direction, content, features, navigation, and functionality of your website. Then she will write the content for your website. You’ll have opportunities to review and approve the website drafts several times during this process. Then we’ll hand off the final detailed design spec document complete with all website content and specific programming notes to our website design and development team.

5. Website production – graphic design, development (programming), reviewing, testing

First our website production team will design your home page graphics, integrating your new logo, photo and brand colors. Once you approve of the home page graphics we will design the look of a sample interior page. After approval, we start the development (programming) of the WordPress-based site and insert all the copy. Next we’ll review and test it before going live to ensure accuracy and functionality. After going live, we will have a final testing to ensure accuracy on all platforms. If requested, we can build a “responsive” site, so it displays well on smart phones and tablets. We can also teach you how to edit and update your site.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our website copywriter will insert relevant, logical, organic keywords throughout the website content, and our development team will incorporate the same keywords in the headlines, page titles, meta descriptions, image file names and alt tags to make your site fit best within the parameters set by Google’s Hummingbird SEO protocol. You may choose to further enhance your site’s position on Google by adding additional SEO strategies such as pay-per-click (PPC) after the site is live.

7. Develop printed marketing materials

Finally, we will leverage the copy from your website, your new brand, graphics and photos into a speaker one-sheet or company brochure. This ensures your printed materials match the tone and messaging of your website for a strong, clear brand.

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