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Decoding the Mysterious QR Codes and Increasing Your Online Presence

Hi readers, this article is written by Kelly Johnson who is my virtual assistant and a member of my virtual production team. She explains the mysterious little black and white patterned squares we see popping up all over the landscape. What are they, how do we use them, what benefits do they offer for our business and personal use?

Kelly Johnson

One of the topics I hear discussed frequently is that technology offers many options in running and promoting our businesses, but the constant changes and skill set that is needed to implement much of this technology can be overwhelming. Many business owners and clients have shared with me that they hear the word technology and their palms start to sweat. As a virtual assistant, I handle the technical and administrative aspects of a client’s business, which means that my clients and I each bring to the table our skills and talents that allow us to focus on our passions and what we do best. This allows my author clients to channel their time and energy into writing and developing new programs and products while I manage the technical tasks.

It can be challenging to determine what projects you may want to delegate to a virtual assistant. The main requests I receive are for assistance with projects dealing with technology. Listed below are three examples of projects I handle for authors.

QR Codes

I have had several authors share with me they had not heard or seen a QR Code before I mentioned it to them. Once I told them about these codes and that I create them for clients, they let me know they started seeing them everywhere!

A QR Code, or Quick Response Code, is a two dimensional code that is in a black square pattern with a white background. People with a camera phone that has a code reader application installed can scan a QR code to display text, to open a web page, and view a video to name a few options.

The cool factor for authors to use a QR code? You may have a QR code directed to your book trailer video or to a web page with an opt in box dedicated to resources and downloads for items related to your book, or to a coupon code providing a discount or free shipping.

Here is a QR code to view a video I created:

QR Codes

Creating a Book Trailer Video

With the popularity of video, I encourage authors to have a video trailer created for promoting their book. I send a list to clients requesting the information I need for the video and begin the video creation process. Video is also a great method for increasing your online presence and having your target audience get to know you better.

Not only can the book trailer be viewed through a QR code, I also upload client videos to their YouTube account, Facebook Fan Page, blog and accounts and check that those accounts are optimized. I want clients to be able to repurpose their content through a variety of methods to help reach as many members of their target audience as possible.

Facebook Fan Pages

Many authors have expressed to me they want to have a Facebook Fan Page for their book, but they do not know where to start or how to create what they view as the “eye-catching features” for attracting their target audience to their Fan Page. When I create Fan Pages for clients, I discuss how a welcome page may reflect branding and feature a video; how Fan Pages may include an opt in box to increase a subscriber newsletter list; post events related to their book and business and have links to their blog posts on their Fan Page Wall. Another important factor in having a Facebook Fan Page versus just a Facebook Personal Profile is that Fan Pages are indexed in search engines, which is another method to increase your online presence for your target audience to find you.

One of the beneficial aspects in working with a virtual assistant is that it allows you to focus on your passions and where you feel the majority of your time needs to be spent. Since virtual assistants are business owners, we understand the peaks and valleys that occur in running a business and often serve as a creative sounding board for clients. Don’t feel you have to be a lone ranger in your business. Partner with a virtual assistant to collaborate on projects for your business . . . the possibilities are endless!


About the Author:

Cornerstone Virtual Assistance specializes in working with authors to manage the technical, creative and administrative projects for your business. Kelly Johnson, owner and Online Business Manager, strives to move your business to the next level by ensuring that the foundation of your business is supported through managing projects and proposing creative ideas to help achieve success. Kelly’s certifications include Professional Author’s Assistant, online shopping cart maintenance, and article writing coach. Services offered include website and blog maintenance, newsletter creation, Facebook Fan Pages, book publishing support, desktop publishing, video creation with Animoto and teleseminar management.