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From Karen Saunders

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Design your Product Packaging with Maximum Impact

If you’re a speaker, author, or small business consultant with recorded presentations, teleseminars or workshops, you should think about leveraging your knowledge and expertise into products. You can create audio CDs, video DVDs, VHS and cassette tapes and sell them on your website or after your events. You may want to sell them separately, bundled together or consider doing a joint venture product with someone in a complementary field. You can hire a service to transcribe your recordings and create an ebook or printed workbook. The quality of your products start with your recordings and ends with your packaging design.

You need to create packaging that will sell the contents. The packaging design should support your brand and zero in on your target market. You do this by analyzing your target market and consistently applying the visual elements of your brand.

Follow these 5 steps to improve your success:

1. Since you are selling information, you need to communicate trust and integrity. Invest in your brand image by using a professional, engaging photo of yourself that captures your personality.

2. Find out what particular fonts, colors and graphics your target market is attracted to. For example, women age 30 to 60 will be attracted to certain colors that may not be appealing to men age 18-30.

3. Make sure your design complements your message. What subject are you sharing, and what style of speaker are you?

4. Use your visual branding elements consistently; make sure your products all look like they came from the same source. Do this by using the same fonts, color scheme and style of graphics. For a series, design one template, and switch out photos, and colors, but keep the same format.

5. Make yourself stand out from the crowd with a unique style or graphics for maximum impact!

I designed this DVD case insert & label for Jim Davidson

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