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DIVI Theme Website Looks Custom Designed But Costs Less

My team is always finding ways we can cut costs and time yet retain high quality in website design. Recently I’ve been telling my clients and prospects, “A DIVI Theme Website Looks Custom But Costs Less.”

Most websites are built in WordPress now, and my website design team found a third party template called DIVI by Elegant Themes that integrates very well with WordPress. We’ve found it has the robust capability and features to deliver on this promise. It is very flexible and responsive with lots of premade layouts and content elements, saving hundreds of hours of laborious coding. The flexibility allows us to incorporate the unique brand elements we create for our clients, so each website is distinctive and different.

We’ve recently completed websites for two of our clients using DIVI Theme. You may click on the home page images below to go directly to the live websites and examine their beauty and power. Can you tell the difference between a custom website and a DIVI Theme Website?

DIVI Theme Website Looks Custom

DIVI Theme Website Looks Custom on Michael Mackniak Home Page

Here is a quick rundown comparing a DIVI Theme website with a custom designed WordPress website:

Custom Designed WordPress Website:

  1. We build from the ground up and everything from design to functionality is tailored to your needs.
  2. Design changes are less costly because we start the process in PhotoShop.
  3. There are less plugins, saving many headaches.
  4. Updating is smoother because we only have to update WordPress and standard plugins.
  5. It’s a more expensive process.
  6. There is no loss of content when switching Themes.
  7. There is no annual fee for the Theme.
  8. It runs smoother, we have more control, and less hacker holes.
  9. It’s easier to update years down the road and will have less “bloat.”
  10. We build a much more simplified website using the power of WordPress versus third party plugins.
  11. There is no extra code.

DIVI Theme Website Looks Custom But Costs Less:

  1. Everything is already designed and created. We just plug in your unique content, colors, photos, brand elements, and images.
  2. It’s less expensive.
  3. DIVI is more robust than most Themes, giving you lots of great options. But because it is a theme there are design and functionaility limitations. Many times we don’t know what limitations we will run into until we start designing and building.
  4. It uses a simple “drag and drop” editing.
  5. DIVI has a clean and current look (as of now).
  6. When updating DIVI, any plugins we’ve added and WordPress also has to be updated. There is more risk that this will not go smoothly.
  7. A DIVI Theme subscription is $90 per year.
  8. You may lose content if you switch to another Theme because of short codes.
  9. There is a double layer of support with Theme developer and our website development team.
  10. The website could run slower because it is filled with all the code to support all the options DIVI offers.