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From Karen Saunders

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Self-Publishers: Use GoodReads to Promote Your Book to Your Target Market

GoodReads is a like an online book club or a social media network for people who like to read books. Amazon owns GoodReads, so if you buy a Kindle and you open a GoodReads account you can synchronize your Kindle with GoodReads. It will offer recommendations of books to read based on your past reading history and how you rate books.

GoodReads Author Program

This free program is great way for authors to reach their target market. Readers may add your book to their recommended list on GoodReads and authors can promote their books to passionate readers. Here’s how to get started: just create an author profile or convert your reader profile into an author profile. Once you’ve joined the author program, it will say “GoodReads Author.”

Author Profile

Information about the author program is available by clicking on the “Author Program” link on the bottom of the GoodReads page. An author profile is like a FaceBook page, so you’ll need to add a professional photo and details about your published book.

You’ll want to position yourself as an expert for your readers. Review books in your own genre and post books that you’re reading. When you write reviews ask these questions: What do I like about this book? What do I want more of?

Use the GoodReads network to sponsor an online talk. Be sure to start promoting your talk 3-4 months ahead of time.

Shown below is a checklist compiled by Mary Walewski of Buy the Book Marketing. She is a member of the MacGraphics publishing support team.

GoodReads Author Profile Checklist:

  • Have you converted your reader profile into an author profile?
  • Have you imported your friends from Facebook, Twitter or Google+?
  • Does your author profile have a good, professional photo of you?
  • Have you completely filled out your bio?
  • Have you added your book(s) to GoodReads’ catalog?
  • Have you shared a list of your favorite books?
  • Have you posted any reviews of books you have read?
  • Have you imported your blog to your profile?
  • Are you sharing excerpts from your book and other writing?
  • Have you posted any videos – your book’s trailer or interviews?
  • Are you posting events such as book signings?
  • Have you added the GoodReads author widget to your website?
  • Have you joined any groups?
  • Do you participate in your groups at least once a week?
  • Have you done a book giveaway?
  • Are you adding new friends every week?
  • Are you following authors you like on a regular basis?
  • Are you reviewing books regularly? (One a weeks is ideal)
  • Are you keeping your bookshelves up to date with what you’re reading?

If you need help with setting up your Author GoodReads account, or any of your social media profiles, please contact Mary through this link: