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From Karen Saunders

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How Relationship Marketing Can Help Your Business During Bad Economic Times

Today I have some good news and some bad news. First the good news.

The good news is that the great people at are publishing an article in their December issue that was submitted by yours truly. Click here to read my article: “How Relationship Marketing Can Help Your Business During Bad Economic Times.”

If you haven’t visited yet, you’ll have to check this out. They have created an incredible open-to-the-public online magazine just for small business owners and entrepreneurs like us. You can access articles written by the top people in their professions. They also have a calendar of upcoming events for entrepreneurs and small business people from around the world.

. . . and now they have me too for one of their great articles! I’ll be sharing proven principles of success with relationship marketing in their newest issue.

Best of all, Small Business CEO Magazine offers free access. It just doesn’t get better than this! Click here to read it now.

Oh, the bad news? The article I submitted will be only in the current issue for one month! That means it’s super important that you go see it NOW!

Please join me this month for a FREE issue of their online magazine, compliments of Small Business CEO