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How to ask for (and get) client testimonials

Patrice Rhoades-Baum


I’ve asked one of my team members, Patrice Rhoades-Baum to share an article. These valuable tips are from a recent post on her blog. Patrice is my go-to expert for branding, website and speaker one sheet copywriting.

 Your clients love teaming with you. When you ask for testimonials, they happily agree. BUT …

  • They are crazy-busy.
  • They don’t get around to it.
  • They forget.
  • You are uncomfortable reminding (and pestering) them.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! Getting client testimonials is a universal challenge for small business owners.

Here is the key issue: You are giving them an action item

When you ask for testimonials, you are giving clients an action item. They mean well and intend to give you a glowing testimonial.

However, that action item gets lost among other high-priority tasks. It may literally get lost in a sea of scribbled notes on their desk!

Here are solutions: My favorite tips to ask for (and get) testimonials

Over the years, I’ve acquired a variety of methods to request testimonials for my marketing consulting business. Plus, I’ve helped several clients by interviewing their customers for audio testimonials. Here are my favorite tips.

1. Jot down notes when clients rave, then write the testimonials for them – This has become my favorite method. Often, a client will enthusiastically share comments such as “I really like working with you because…” or “I’m so tickled how well this project turned out…” If your client gushes, grab a pen and jot down notes. Later, email the comments and ask for permission to publish this as a testimonial.

2. Convert emailed comments into a testimonial – After converting their comments into a draft testimonial, email this draft to your client and ask them to review/approve. Often, they will elaborate and give you an even better testimonial!

3. Request an audio testimonial – You can ask permission to interview your client and set up a conference call. Then you (or a colleague) can conduct a brief interview. For an example, listen to audio testimonials I created for Claire Hatch, a marriage counselor in Seattle. (In addition to the audio, be sure to include a snippet of the testimonial on your “Testimonials” web page.)

4. Call and ask for a testimonial, on the spot – Extroverts may embrace this tip more readily than introverts! Simply call your client, explain that you’d love a testimonial, ask if he/she has a minute, discuss the project AND results, and write (or type) notes.

Edit this into a brief testimonial. Ask clients if they want to read and approve the written testimonial. This can be an extremely streamlined way to acquire hardworking testimonials.

Bonus #1: You have enough fodder to write a case study!

Bonus #2: Call past clients and let them know you are updating your website and would love to add their testimonial, with a link to their website. This phone call offers an excellent opportunity to reconnect with “old” clients, rekindle your relationship, and possibly identify new opportunities to work together.

client testimonials

Capture your clients’ glowing testimonials!

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A marketing consultant and branding expert, Patrice Rhoades-Baum teams with infopreneurs – professional speakers, corporate consultants, business coaches, and authors – to clarify their brand, using her laser-focused Nail Your Brand!™ process. Patrice’s experience includes 25 years of high-tech corporate marketing. An expert copywriter, Patrice has been published in Fortune magazine. Contact Patrice – and read more articles on her blog – at