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From Karen Saunders

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Speakers: Here’s a List of Items to Include in Your Speaker Media Kit (or Speaker Press Kit)

I’ve compiled a list of typical items a speaker may include in their speaker media kit.

These items may also go on the “media” page of a website. Meeting and event planners should be able to easily download these items from the media page.

A press kit can be electronic (a multiple-page PDF file), or printed and placed in an attractive folder with a logo, photo or graphic on the front. The PDF file should have an attractive cover page too.

Some of these items can be compiled into a speaker one-sheet which should be made into a PDF file for email communications and downloads. A printed version of the one-sheet is also a good marketing tool.

Suggested Contents of a Speaker Media Kit

  • Introduction letter
  • One-sheet
  • Video
  • Professional headshots
  • Professional action shots
  • List with descriptions of speaking topics
  • Fee schedule
  • List of past engagements
  • Testimonials/references
  • Social media contact info
  • Talking points (for interviewers)
  • Books authored or published
  • Certifications and organizations
  • Education
  • Awards
  • Scope of Services (seminars, webinars, workshops, coaching, training)
  • List of media appearances
  • Articles
  • Calendar of upcoming speaking events
  • Audio/video setup and requirements
  • Contact information on all pieces

Shown below is the cover page we created for the speaker media kit for one of our clients. We matched the color, fonts, design, and theme to Dr. Paul Epstein’s brand, which was already established on his website. The photo of the rock in the moving water supports his platform of “Mindful Healing.”


Contact me if you need help with the writing, design or production of your press kit, one sheet or any of the components. My team of branding experts, copywriters, and graphic designers and I have many years of experience working with speakers and authors. We’re here to serve your needs.