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Mobile-friendly Websites Are Preferred By Google

In February Google announced that on April 21, 2015 Mobile-friendly Websites(also known as “responsive” websites) will get preference in Google’s search engine results. This means if your website has NOT been optimized for mobile devices you may see it fall in Google’s search rankings. Google states this change in their algorithm will have a significant impact on search results.

Google is adding this criteria because they have determined that more and more people are using mobile devices to search the internet and these folks will return to mobile-friendly websites over sites that have not been optimized.

Mobile-friendly Websites reconfigure graphics and content on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones so the websites are easy to read and navigate on the smaller screens.

You can use this Mobile-friendly Websites Test to check your website now.

You can also use Google’s Mobile Usability Report to get a complete list of specific issues that need to be corrected.

If you need help rebuilding your website to make it mobile-friendly, please call me at 303-680-2330.

In November when I rebranded my business my web development team built a Mobile-friendly Websites for me in WordPress. My team knows exactly how to code website content and graphics to pass Google’s mobile-friendly website tests. We would be happy to give you an estimate on development costs.
When my website went live in November I looked it up on my iphone and ipad. I also looked it up on my friend’s tablets and even went to a local retailer to look it up on other devices using different browsers. I discovered a few things that could be tweeked and gave that information to my webmaster. He quickly fixed the code. Here are the results of my website when I used Google’s Mobile-friendly Websites Test today.
Mobile-friendly Websites.
Here is a link to a guide for devlopers building Mobile-friendly Websites.
For more information about this announcement about Mobile-friendly Websites, please see this article posted on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog.