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Outrageous Business Growth ™ – The Fast Track To Explosive Sales

Outrageous Business GrowthThis article on Outrageous Business Growth was written by marketing expert Debbie Bermont and is used with her permission.

Could you build a wildly successful business today without a website and a large marketing budget? Of course you can. In fact people have been building successful businesses for centuries of time without the tools we have at our disposal today.

Go back in time before the age of technology when business deals were done using the “gentleman’s agreement” method. Two people would shake hands to signify that each one would deliver to the other a specified good or service on a certain date at an agreed upon price. With a simple handshake a deal was done, goods and services were delivered and a profit was made. They did it without websites and before we had fax machines and computers.

Who knows how far back this way of doing business goes. A hundred years? Five hundred years? Thousands of years? It probably doesn’t matter. The successful businesses at that time were built using three fundamental principles which are still applicable to business today.

Three simple things you must master and apply to your business. Together they will put you on the fast track to explosive sales. You can experience outrageous business growth™ in a short amount of time. None of these principles cost any money. You don’t need any formal training or education to use them. And once you understand how to apply each separate principle to your business you’ll save time, money and resources at the same time you accelerate your sales growth.

Outrageous Business Growth Principle #1:
Develop an internal prosperity consciousness.

Your internal focus represents your thoughts about the money you are generating and success you are having in your business. Your thoughts about money have a direct affect on the growth of your business. Throughout history people have built wildly successful businesses around the world starting with no money and no formal business education. If you were to study these people you would find they have one very important thing in common. They believed in their own success and ability to attract money into their life.

My grandfather was an example of an entrepreneur who overcame great financial hardship to achieve wealth in his lifetime. He had immigrated to the United States when he was eight years old from Russia in 1913 with his family. By the time he was eleven he left school to start his own business so he could help support his poor family. He never returned to a formal education and spent the rest of his life building a multi-million dollar empire of several businesses starting with no money. He built extremely successful businesses during World War One, World War Two, during times of economic growth and during economic depression.

Despite his humble upbringing my grandfather always focused on an internal state of prosperity consciousness. He started out with empty pockets but in his mind he considered himself to be rich. He didn’t pay attention to what the economy was doing. He was always looking for opportunities. And he found them…everywhere! He never focused on lack. He focused on prosperity.

If you focus your thoughts on lack in your business you will have a problem before you ever begin to market your business. That is why the first step to outrageous business growth is to create an internal focus of prosperity consciousness before you externally focus on how to develop new business.

Outrageous Business Growth Principle #2:
Align yourself only with people who want to buy your products and services.

Many businesses who struggle with the results they get from their marketing think it is because they are using the wrong strategy. They will then throw additional dollars after a different strategy hoping for a better result. This is a drain on their time, resources and money. Typically the problem is not in the strategy they have used, it is that they are going after the wrong people. They are not in alignment.

Being out of alignment is like trying to fill a bucket with water that has holes in the bottom. No matter how much water you pour in the bucket the water will keep seeping out through the bottom and the bucket will never stay full. No matter which marketing strategy you use you are throwing a lot of money down the drain trying to convince the wrong people to use your products or services.

The alignment process is the most important thing you must do before you ever develop your marketing plan. If you don’t, you will be marketing to people who just aren’t the right fit for your business. When your company is out of alignment, your marketing strategy will always be off target too. You will generate sales, but you will spend far more time and energy than needed to produce positive results. When you first put your business in alignment, your marketing efforts will have far better results and you will know that every dollar you spend will be trying to attract the ideal customer. This takes less effort attracting the right person.

Outrageous Business Growth Principle #3:
Build and maintain lifetime relationships with people who are aligned with your business.

The smallest little details make a huge difference in getting a customer and building customer loyalty. No matter which marketing strategy you use, you will need to understand how to make the connection an exceptional experience in order to develop a lifetime relationship with your customer.

It’s the fundamental basics of doing business which are taken for granted and often overlooked that give you added impact in the marketplace. It’s these fundamentals you must use in order to accelerate your growth right now and set yourself apart from your competition.

If you want to have Outrageous Business Growth in your company you must create a buzz in the marketplace where people hold you up as a shining example of how to do it right! And the good news is in order to reach this level of distinction it doesn’t cost a lot of money or involve any extra energy. But it does require that someone has exceptional experiences with your company on a continuous basis.

There are no predictions for any economy except that they will change from year to year and decade to decade. There are many people like my grandfather who have forged the path before you to rise to tremendous success starting with empty pockets using the power of these three principles. This is your time to leave a lasting legacy in the world and forge your path to Outrageous Business Growth!

© Debbie Bermont, Source Communications 2006. All rights reserved.

Debbie Bermont is a leading expert on helping businesses reduce their marketing costs and accelerating their sales growth in ANY economy. Today, Debbie is an international keynote speaker, author of Outrageous Business Growth – The Fast Track To Explosive Sales In Any Economy (now in its second edition), and president of Source Communications, a marketing consulting firm. She has been published in over hundred national and international publications and websites. For more information, go to or (619) 291-6951.