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From Karen Saunders

Your Branding, Marketing & Self-Publishing Coach

Your Speaker One-Sheet Content Should Be Compelling

They’re the workhorses of any speaker marketing program. They hit the streets for you, and they’ve got muscle. Everything you want someone to know about your expertise and services — all in one place. So if you don’t have one . . . you’ve got to get one!

Picture this. You take the time to get involved in various networking groups — or maybe you do some cold calling — or maybe you happen to meet someone who may have a genuine need for a person just like you. So now what? Well, there’s a simple and effective way to share your expertise. And it’s called a speaker one-sheet.

Here are seven questions that a typical decision-maker would ask you in person at a first meeting — so get ready to answer:

  • How would you describe your area of expertise?
  • Who are your presentations designed for, or what type of people do you work with?
  • If we hire you, what are the benefits for the leaders of the organization? For the participants in the ranks? For organizational progress?
  • What have you done that makes you such an expert?
  • Which groups have you worked with before?
  • What did participants think of you?
  • How can we reach you for more information?

Now that you know what questions they will ask, there’s a clever formula to including all of these elements in your speaker one-sheet content. You’ll cover all the bases if you include the following points:

  • The topics/programs you address
  • Who you target audience is
  • Benefits (put them right in the headlines)
  • Your biography
  • A client list
  • Testimonials
  • Contact information (list it all — phone, fax, email, website)

And don’t forget the secret ingredient — your personality and your brand.

Even if you have all of these other elements in place, the icing on the cake will be your own personality and your brand.

Let me give you an example. My client, Doug Butler, is a speaker whose message is “Cowboy Wisdom.” I’ve built his speaker one-sheet content and graphics around the western cowboy theme, and it’s now part of his brand. We included lots of cowboy graphics, an action shot of him with a lasso, and a portrait shot of him wearing a cowboy hat with his guitar. His one-sheet reflects his personality, and it’s what participants want from him.

Here’s the front of his speaker one-sheet.

speaker one-sheet content for Doug Butler

Here’s the back of his speaker one-sheet.

speaker one-sheet content for Doug Butler

You’ll add credibility if you can include logos to show your affiliation with any industry or professional organizations that will be recognized by your target market. Be sure to include your own logo along with a clever tag line. Doug uses this tag line: “Forge a firm foundation with Doug’s tried-and-true Cowboy Code.”

But these techniques don’t stop with the speaker one-sheet content. You can carry them over to all your other marketing materials! With these must-have elements in your one-sheet, you can turn your prospects into sales, and watch your revenue grow!