BLOG: Eye-Popping Tips

From Karen Saunders

Your Branding, Marketing & Self-Publishing Coach

Tips on Creating Eye-Catching Book Covers

Shown below are a few covers our team recently designed for our clients. We strive to create unique eye-catching book covers with attention-grabbing graphics and compelling titles and subtitles.

To reach the right target market we need to understand what intrigues and interests those folks. By using carefully chosen keywords and appropriate fonts in the title, selecting symbolic colors and imagery, and using the right style of photos and/or graphics we can create the most effective message for each specific target market. As a result, each book cover appeals to the right audience.

The following 2 books are for managers, leaders and directors in the corporate marketplace. The cover designs make use of symbolic imagery or intriguing photography.





The following book is for folks who are interested in good health, nutrition, diet and fitness. It has a fun and uplifting cover design to make it stand apart from all the other diet books out there.



The following book is for the baby boomer who can identify with the symbolic imagery and colors of the 60s. The eye-catching book cover design is inspired by the psychedelic artwork of Peter Max.



The following book is for folks who are looking for an inspiring life story of someone sharing the same illness. The graceful, flowing movement suggests freedom from the constraints of the disease. The tree and leaves symbolizes growth and rebirth.

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