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From Karen Saunders

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Tips for Logo Design Excellence

In our marketplace today, we spend hours and hours on a computer surfing the internet. According to research, it is estimated that many of us are exposed to over 200 logo designs or branding marks per hour. Your logo will be used on your business cards, your website, outdoor designs, various spots on the Internet, and on promotional items like T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc. At that rate, in order to be memorable to your prospects and clients, that logo had better pop out and stick in someone’s memory, wouldn’t you say? Sprinkled below are my tips for logo design and several sample logos designed by our team.

tips for logo design : Flair for Genius logo
What Makes an Excellent Logo?

Big business knows how important it is to have success in all the elements of their business, so they attach a high value to branding and logo design. Strive to achieve the following characteristics:

  • Consistent with all the other elements of your marketing
  • Graphically enticing and memorable
  • Represent your company and products meaningfully
  • Be as unique as possible
  • Appear professional drafted
  • Function beyond the limits of time
  • Not melt into the background of your marketing pieces

What Must a Logo Do For You?

  • Last for a long time
  • Be distinctive from your competition
  • Appealing to your target market
  • Communicate the right image
  • Be legible and easily understood

Paul Rand was a superb innovator in the arena of logo design. IBM’s logo is attributed to him. Without it even being shown here, you can visualize those three letters in horizontal blue stripes, can’t you? That’s a logo with all the key elements listed above. Rand united letters and found unique graphical ways of utilizing the letters of a word or a persons name through typography and he frequently wove modern art styles into his logo designs.

tips for logo design : Inner Change Enterprises
Eye Catching Techniques and Tips for Logo Design

It’s not an easy thing to make a simple graphical symbol to represent the entirety of a company’s Mission Statement, and yet a good graphic designer can do just that. The very best logos are quite sophisticated in their simplicity, because they combine and refine symbols, colors, and typography as well as space into one tight, concise unit.

A good logo has a strong, balanced image without clutter surrounding it that might distract one’s attention from the logo message. Bold graphics are easier to see at a glance and they work better than logos with thin, delicate lines. Your logo should avoid trendiness in order to achieve the element of timelessness. Trendy fonts or images will distract from your message.

Color and Black & White

Your logo will mainly be used in it’s colorized version, but it’s wise to check its appearance in black and white as well. Print ads in particular, communicate mainly in black and white and you’ll want your logo to be easily recognized without color.

You should record somewhere you can easily retrieve the PMS ink formula of the spot color(s) in your logo. If you ever have to use a four color printing process, you’ll need this information. You can check a spot-color-to-process-color conversion swatch book for this information, and you’ll be glad you have it recorded.

Full color logos are wonderful to look at, but can be expensive to print on your marketing and corporate identity pieces, especially envelopes. It’s can be more economical to print your letterhead, envelopes, business cards and brochures in one, two or three colors.
tips for logo design : Clear Picture Leadership logo
When You Use Your Logo on the Internet

Here is a check list for what you’ll need from your graphic artist so you can use your logo on the internet:

  • A jpg or gif file format
  • Resolution at 72 pixels per inch
  • In the RGB color space

Your successful logo design can make or break your business. I hope these tips for logo design serve you well.