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5 Fantastic Tips to Design Attractive Brochures and Flyers

What is an essential marketing tool that is relatively inexpensive, you can print and hand out or distribute electronically? Flyers and brochures! I’m going to show you the first 5 of 10 techniques that savvy graphic designers use to design attractive brochures:

  1. It’s all about the headline. What’s in a headline? It’s the first thing your prospects will see, and this will decide if they keep reading or not. So pick something that will stand out, stick in their mind, and make them want more! Here’s a few magic words to start with: Easy, The Secrets To, Unlock, Finally, Insider, Time Sensitive, How To, Free Bonuses, Now You Can, Discover, Proven. Just sprinkle these on your next headline and see how many heads you turn.
  2. The eyes have it. Colorful, striking graphics always make their point. And one large image will pack more punch than several smaller images. A good graphic creates the mood and sets the scene for your message. Getting the perfect “focal point” is easier than ever now with stock photos you can buy on the internet. Get one or a hundred for whatever you might need.
  3. What’s in it for me? That’s what your prospects want to know. Stay away from words like: we, us, I, and our. Take their perspective with words like “you” and “your”. They’ll like it when you focus on how your product or service will benefit them. Show them with words like: free, save, love, new, results, and guarantee. Make the benefits easy for them to pick out with bullet points and text boxes.
  4. Go tell it on the mountain. A ringing endorsement speaks volumes. When people read how you have positively affected another customer, they are more likely to give you a try. Make sure you get a first and last name, company name, and location. Then add that stamp of approval to your flyer.
  5. Less is more. You don’t need to fill every space on your flyer. Break it up with text boxes, add borders to your key points, and use contrasting colors to add emphasis. It will make the best parts stand out and be easier to read.

Try these techniques on you next flyer. I predict FANTASTIC results! Look for 5 more techniques in next month’s post.

Here is how I design attractive brochures for Elizabeth Hagen. This is her speaker one-sheet brochure.

Front Side


Back Side

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