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7 Crucial Reasons Why You Need to Market Yourself as an Expert

Nancy Marmolejo says to market yourself as an expert

My guest writer today is Nancy Marmolejo, “The Visibility Expert.” You may remember she interviewed me on November 14th for a teleseminar on one-sheets. Today she will share with us why you should market yourself as an expert.

With the phenomenal rise of media outlets such as cable TV, online networks, blogs, podcasts, and more, never before has the demand for quality information been higher. From magazine publishers to bloggers, expert opinion is needed to provide valuable content for listeners, readers, and web surfers.

As a business owner, you can easily become a recognized expert by taking what you already know and using it as a marketing tool. With the right combination of expertise and visibility, you create credibility. And with credibility, doors open.

Here are 7 crucial reasons why you need to market your as an expert starting TODAY.

Reason #1: Experts get thousands of dollars of free PR.

Do the math: A ¼ page ad can run hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in a magazine. Studies show that consumers need several impressions of an ad before they take action, so figure on buying at least 3-5 ads. Factor in the cost of a graphic designer, maybe a PR firm, and you are making a major investment.

On the other hand, a 1-2 paragraph quote in the same paper will cost you nothing and takes up the same amount of room. Not only does it validate you as an expert, but also mentions your business and more info on you. Because it is not paid advertising, the consumer sees it as more credible and legitimate. You earned that recognition through your expertise. The snowball effect begins as new customers and other media outlets learn more about you. An expert is born.

Reason #2: Nothing says CREDIBILITY better than the words “Recognized Expert”

Once the word is out that you’re a recognized expert, people will treat you differently and new doors will open. Whether you choose to be an expert for a small local market or an international audience, you now possess a higher level of credibility. Inside you may feel the same, but on the outside others perceive you in a higher esteem. Remember that reporter who could never remember your name? Now that you’re an expert, she wants to sit next to you at every networking event and learn more about your business. You’ll find people waiting in line to get to you. Human nature is a funny thing; now you can use it to impress your peers and position yourself as a leader in your field.

Reason #3: As an expert, you have a unique perspective and the world wants to hear it!

You may think there’s nothing new to say about your industry. Perhaps you’re convinced what you have to say isn’t good enough or original. Don’t limit your beliefs with what already exists. You do have something unique to say because no one has said it in your voice, with your style, and with your personality. Imagine if no artist ever painted the human form again because Rembrandt did it so well. By withholding your expertise, you are denying your ideal market the chance to learn from a new perspective.

Reason #4: Information is King!

And you hold the keys to the kingdom. This is the Information Age and your information is not only valued, but is in high demand. From paid speaking engagements to high priced information products, you can reap the benefits from this trend.

Reason #5: Experts save people valuable time.

A downside of the information age is that most people are suffering from information overload. We simply can’t keep up with all that is generated each day. By going public with your expertise, you serve as an information filter. You are taking years of experience and information and condensing it into comprehensible pieces. Rather than someone spending hours exploring websites or buying magazines, one simple article or speech by you may be all they need to grasp a challenging topic. Remember: what comes easily to you doesn’t come easily to others. Use that to your advantage.

Reason #6: Experts get paid more. Lots more . . .

We all know the law of supply and demand: the more in-demand you are, the less available you are. When your visibility increases, more people are going to want your products or services. Imagine you’re a consultant who charges $150 an hour. You are quoted in a major magazine and flooded with business proposals—more than you can handle. With such an influx, you can now double your hourly rate and people will gladly pay it! Even if you cut down on your work hours, you can still come out ahead. You are now in the position to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted with your newfound fame.

Reason #7: People are already asking you for advice . . . so why aren’t you leveraging that?

You are brilliant and may not realize to what extent. Think of how many people call or email you with “quick questions”. A quick questions for you is easy . . . but imagine how much time the person would have to spend searching if you weren’t around? You can start the steps today to use your expertise to market your business in a whole new, exciting, creative way.

Experts come in all shapes and sizes, preferring different forms of free publicity. Maybe some coverage in the local paper or a trade journal is good enough for you, or perhaps you want to be on national TV. Whatever your goals, assess which avenues are best for you and chart the course to make it happen.

With the right combination of expertise, visibility, and credibility, your business can soar to new heights and you may discover a love for the limelight!

Market Yourself as an Expert Today!

Award winning businesswoman Nancy Marmolejo turns ordinary business owners into extraordinary entrepreneurs by adding the words “recognized expert” to their titles. With a proven marketing system to boost visibility and well honed coaching skills to get you there, Nancy wants you to stand out, get noticed, and get more business by positioning yourself as a recognized expert. Nancy has appeared numerous times on TV, in print, and online as an expert and receives thousands of dollars of free PR simply by sharing her knowledge with others.

Learn how simple it is to market yourself as an expert by visiting Nancy’s website for a free audio course, 7 Quick and Simple Tips to Stand Out and Sizzle as a Sought After, Recognized Expert

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