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Yellow Brick Road Map to the Book Production Process

By Karen Saunders, BFA

This step-by-step resource guides you down the path to self-publish your book.

Your manuscript is complete. Now how do you get from here to a completed book? Let me show you!

I’ve been helping authors to self-publish their book for years. My experience made me realize that first-time self-publishers need a reference guide on project time frames as well as specific tasks they must tackle. Plus, authors need guidance on how to find, vet, and work with contractors such as editors, designers, and printers.

I’ve written it all down for you.

I created this easy-to-follow, 10-page guide with checklists of action items, standard time frames, an overview of the design process and where to obtain important items on the Internet (such as ISBN and LCCN numbers).

This guide will help you become familiar with your role as the general contractor: what to do yourself, and when you should consider hiring a “subcontractor.” I also have links to websites containing important information you need during the publishing process.

Learn how to save time and money, what to avoid, and what you absolutely must never forget to do if you want a professional book. This “road map” is your key to self-publish your book!

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