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I treasure my clients, and they love their finished projects! Here’s what my clients say…

Karen Saunders and her team of experts are the perfect partners on any book and website project. Karen personally guided me through the challenging process of producing, editing, designing, and self-publishing my first book, and I will definitely work with her on my future projects. As a self-employed business consultant and professional speaker, I place high value on engaging reliable business partners – and Karen is one of the best I have ever encountered. On time, on budget, and no surprises. Karen and her team of specialists should be the foundation of your book completion and self-publishing team.”

John J. Hall, speaker and author of Do What You Can!

“It’s difficult to write a testimonial about Karen and not turn it into a book. There is much to say about the incredible team she has assembled which makes them so unique as new authors search out the best way to get their book to market. She offers a comprehensive approach to manage the project with a team that is committed and personally invested in the entire success of your book. As a thought leader on the topic of customer service, Karen Saunders & Associates would stand as a case study in professionalism, commitment, and a winning team that embraces their clients.”

Brian Dennis, speaker, customer service trendsetter and author of If the Customer’s the Copilot, You’re in the Wrong Seat

“Before coming to Karen, progress on my self-published book had come to a screeching halt. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my ISBNs, and I didn’t understand the options for printing, publishing, and distribution. I was PARALYZED with fear and indecision. Karen and her certified author’s assistant gently guided me down the self-publishing path, explained the options available to me, and cleared up the confusion. They gave me clear instruction on how to complete the production process, set up my POD account, and get my book on Amazon. I’m so grateful Karen and her team of experts were there to help me.”

Kris Sampson, author of The Vail Diet

“Any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level should call Karen Saunders & Associates. Karen teamed with Lauren Graphics to design and build my new website. Their innovation and know-how is second to none. My business has doubled in a very short time since I launched my new website. My website is always on the first page of Google.”

Pete Hubbard, Owner Homeland Gunsmithing LLC

“In many years of working with Karen Saunders, I have found Karen and her team to be creative, dependable, and genuinely interested in delivering a quality product. Whether the project is an ad, logo, website design and development, or an entire corporate branding program, Karen’s team strives to present the client’s image and message in unique, memorable ways. When my clients need a good design team, I recommend Karen Saunders & Associates.”

Julie Wassom, president, The Julian Group, Inc.

“Karen, you’re batting 1000. I’ve worked with you to publish two books and have worked with five members of your team. Everyone is talented, professional, reliable, and a joy to work with. Your stable of pros makes my work look very professional. Keep it up!”

Reggie Rivers, former Denver Broncos fullback, author of The Colony, My Wife’s Boyfriend, and Rookies & Bookies

Karen Saunders and her team of experts gave us tremendous support and advice in moving through the self-publishing experience. Writing and self-publishing can be incredibly daunting, however, Karen made it quite feasible. Her expertise was evident from beginning to end. Her team was flexible, hardworking, creative, and easy to converse with throughout the book’s development. We could not be more pleased having chosen Karen Saunders and Associates to assist us with self-publishing our first book. Now with over 400,000 books in circulation, we receive thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls praising our books and its impact on others.”

Janet and Tony Seahorn, authors of Tears of a Warrior: A Family’s Story of Combat and Living with PTSD

I knew the covers of all three of my books had to look exceptional. Your team’s book cover designs made them a huge hit! My military families love them. I enjoyed working with you – you knew exactly what I wanted. Thanks to you and your talented team!”

Elaine Dumler, author of I’m Already Home, I’m Already Home … Again, and The Road Home

“Her patience, professional knowledge, and attention to detail make Karen Saunders sought after by writers of all genres. That is why I chose her to design my own book. I am pleased with the sophisticated page layout that matches my vision of a quality coffee-table book. Above all, I have appreciated her listening skills and her willingness to meet the author’s challenge to create the best book design possible.

Dr. P.D. Sargent, author of The Maltese Crossing: Love, Loss, and Lessons of Compassion

“Name recognition – where and how you want it – is what publicity is all about and great PR materials can help make you memorable. Karen Saunders and her team create designs that are beautiful, professional, and eye-catching. These graphic designs capture the essence of who you are and what you represent, helping to catapult your PR efforts forward and get your name recognized!

Pam Lontos, president of PR/PR Public Relations

“As the new owner of a hearing center in Tucson, Arizona, I knew we needed a fresh image and an effective website. Several firms were interviewed, however, one stood out above the rest. This was Karen and her team. What a great choice we made. Karen’s team was creative, fully engaged, timely, and communicated well throughout the process. My company had their undivided attention, as if we were their only client (even though I knew this was not the case). We were in for the complete makeover. My small business needed design, branding, and a website. Honestly, I can say that the final version of everything Karen’s team produced was top shelf, with no exceptions. The production of our logo was an incredible experience. We viewed many different versions as Karen’s team dug deeper and deeper into their creative reservoir. The finalist, the one we selected, knocked our socks off the moment we saw it. Even today, two years later, I couldn’t be happier with our logo. We have a logo suitable for a national company – we can grow for years and maintain a consistent image in the marketplace. Finally, allow me to address the website. Wow, did we get value for the dollar! Our website is attractive and appealing. Moreover, it is highly functional and easy to navigate. Our website brings new business through our front door. If I had it to do all over again, I would definitely choose Karen Saunders and her team of creative professionals.”

Byron L. Patton, owner, Lifestyle Hearing Solutions

“Not a week goes by that I don’t get compliments on my book cover design. Sell Yourself! has been a bestseller from the start, and Karen Saunders & Associates’ outstanding cover design had everything to do with that. It’s a joy to work with Karen. She offers so much design skill and expertise.”

Fred Burns, author of Sell Yourself! 501 Ways to Get Them to Buy From You

We have been working with Karen Saunders for more than a decade. Karen’s creativity, coupled with her attention to detail, has made her a delight to work with. We are always proud to go to market with the art she designs for the Center.”

Robert Wendover, managing director, The Center for Generational Studies

“Karen Saunders and her talented team of experts gave my memoir the professional and elegant look I sought to self-publish my book. Every little detail in the book’s cover design and interior layout was handled with efficiency and expediency. Karen not only prevented me from making many mistakes with my first book, but she also introduced me to her team: proofreader, audiobook studio, e-Book formatting expert, a print-on-demand (POD) book printer, branding specialist, and website development team. Everyone was indispensable to my project. I’ll be back with my next book.

Julia Spencer, author and publisher of Looking Through a Keyhole

Karen Saunders is dependable, professional, accessible, responsive and – above all – a terrific talent. She captures the spirit of an author’s work and translates it into a selling book design.”

Ted Simendinger, author of Critters, Fish and Other Troublemakers and 12 Miles to Paradise

“Karen Saunders & Associates has provided me with more than a quality product. Her close attention to detail and ability to creatively convey my ideas have surpassed my expectation. Karen has an ability to listen to your goals, then transform that information into a winning product. Karen helped me develop a consistent brand that my customers have told me leaves them with a clear, concise message of my services. I’ll work with Karen and her team on all my future graphic design projects.”

Richard J. Lucia, author of Selling in the Now!

“The Karen Saunders team worked with me to plan and implement a national seminar brochure. The design process and their efficient project management skills resulted in two immediate bookings from large companies.”

Robert R. Oxley, president, Robert Oxley Training & Consulting, Inc.

Karen and her team did an excellent job with the cover design, interior layout, editing, proofreading and eBook conversion for my two books. She is helpful with the production and also in the marketing, which is very important for any author. Karen has answered any question I ever had. She continues to be helpful after eleven years. I highly recommend Karen Saunders and Associates.”

Anita Henehan, author of How to Run Away from Home After 50
and Tales from the Road

“Karen, your team was fantastic. Your process made it easy for me to connect my new brand, content, and service options – while keeping all assets consistent throughout my new marketing toolkit: website, speaker one-sheet, and stationery package. More important, these materials will help me create revenue.”

Bill Young, entrepreneur, consultant, and professional speaker

“Karen, I enjoyed working with your team. I’m very pleased with how the copywriter captured my thoughts and feelings to write the right message for my website. And I’m thrilled with my website design – it’s beyond beautiful! I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Cecilia Izquierdo, author

I can’t get over the speaker one-sheet, brochure, and business cards Karen Saunders’ team produced for me. These marketing materials convey the polished, professional image I was striving for – and help me make a lasting impression. Great results and a team that was a joy to work with. I am so thrilled!”

Kristie Notto, author and speaker

From designing a speaker one-sheet for our professional speaking services to creating the book cover design and interior layout design for our latest book, Karen has provided excellent service for our business.

Doug Butler, PhD, speaker, author, farrier

Karen Saunders did a superb job of creating eye-catching covers for my two award-winning cookbooks. She also designed my color-coordinated promotional materials including postcards, flyers, and business cards, which always elicit compliments from customers and colleagues. I like the professional look she gives to these materials as well as the results-oriented ads she creates. She is truly a gifted designer and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Carol Fenster, PhD, Savory Palate LLC

“Karen is an exceptional woman. She is a master at her art (graphic design). She is committed to taking an emotion, intention, goal, and presenting it in a way to capture the market to its fullest extent. The quality of her work is top-of-the-line. (I was actually moved to tears when I saw how beautifully she had manifested my vision into my custom brochure!) I have been in business for 30 years, and am thoroughly impressed with Karen’s professionalism and promptness, while creating a personal, one-on-one relationship with me. I have NO doubt that I shall commission her again for my future marketing materials.”

Tara Johansson, owner of Awakenings

“Karen Saunders delivers the same strength and command as she does in all her life—as an elite and competitive athlete. She has mastered the winning power of success and achievement, whether she is windsurfing or skiing – or providing start-to-finish self-publishing services to her clients. As an author, you deserve sales and recognition for your work. The competitive edge of Karen and her talented publishing team gives you: expertise honed from experience, discipline with exact attention to detail, and synchronized collaboration of a team of distinguished professions. With four self-published books, I speak from experience. Other self-publishing companies – too big to know me personally or too small to expertly handle every aspect required to get my manuscript professionally published – could not compete with Karen’s unique, all-in-one team of professionals.

Shima Shanti, author, Peace Waters Publishing


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