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Creating a Brand and Website for Lifestyle Hearing Solutions

Client Case Study: Brand and Website Design

My creative team recently finished a large project for a hearing aid dispenser. We guided Byron Patton of Lifestyle Hearing Solutions through the steps of creating a brand and website along with a new logo and stationery package for his new company. The process was deliberate and creative and constructed in a way to leverage ideas and concepts to save Byron time and money. Here’s how we did it.

First, our branding expert, Patrice Rhoades-Baum held an in-depth interview with Byron and other team members to discuss his target market, the value his company provides and the results his customers receive to build a top benefit message. From this, the team created the a descriptive tagline:

Tucson’s locally owned hearing center since 1989

and the benefit tagline:

Enjoy the sounds of life!

When Patrice finished the branding process she prepared a document summarizing the essential elements of Byron’s company brand. This document was given to Byron and our designers to use as a launchpad for logo design and website content and design. Shown below is the final logo design.

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions logo design

After another in-depth interview with Byron, Patrice also wrote and finalized Byron’s website copy. She defined the topics for each page and created a design spec on the website’s functions and features that was provided to our website designer, Lauren Klopfenstein. Shown below is a screen shot of the final home page and several other pages. You may access the actual website by clicking on any of the screenshots.

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions brand and website design home page

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions website design interior page 1

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions website design interior page 2

Then Lauren created the stationery package: letterhead, #10 envelope and business cards. Shown below are these items. All pieces incorporate the logo, colors, fonts, and look and feel of the brand, providing visual continuity for the corporate identity package.

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions business card front

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions business letterhead

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions envelope

By starting with the brand and streamlining the process we save our clients time and money. The brand becomes a solid foundation for all marketing and advertising projects. Our clients get clarity about their business, their target market, and the key benefits their company provides, and all pieces of their marketing and advertising campaigns have a united purpose.