BLOG: Eye-Popping Tips

From Karen Saunders

Your Branding, Marketing & Self-Publishing Coach

Creative Design Tips for Effective Business Cards

We’ve created dynamic brands, eye-popping logos and attractive business cards for many clients. Here’s how we design effective business cards that become powerful sales tools. The secret is in crafting layouts that are full of power, punch and purpose . . .

John Hall’s speaking platform is built on his 6-Step “Do What You Can” System. We designed his abstract logo with six 3D blocks. This image is the basis of his brand and book cover design. As a vital, motivational speaker it was important to show John’s engaging photo on the front of his card. To make him really pop off the front, we isolated his image from the background. The back side of his business card has the 6 steps.

John Hall

John Hall effective business cards design

John Hall back business card design








Blair Tindall

Blair Tindall’s business is all about helping clients discover their passions in life. We designed a fun and creative logo with the color orange, which symbolizes vitality. Her company name “Flair for Genius” is a clever play on her name, Blair. The back side of her business card is painted all in orange with a blaze of energy.

Blair Tindall effective business cards design

Blair Tindall back business card design








Bill Young

Bill Young’s specialty is teaching board members and non profit groups how to raise funds. He has published two books on the subject. The front side of his business card has a picture of the book cover we designed. The back side of his business card is cleverly designed with fill-in-the-blank fields for fundraising goals and dates.

Bill Young effective business cards design

Bill Young Back business card design









Debbie Leonard

Debbie Leonard consults with business leaders on how to work with the changing demographics in their workforce and increase employee engagement. Debbie’s photo reflects her likable personality and inspires teamwork. The four boxes in her logo represents the four generations of workers, and her handwritten name gives a personal touch. The clean and simple front design and intense blue background on the back portrays a fresh and immediate outlook.

Debbie Leonard effective business cards design

Debbie Leonard back business card design