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Our Team Completes a Branding and Publishing Project for John J Hall

Our team just completed a branding and publishing project for John Hall. This included designing marketing materials, a corporate ID package, book design, CD packaging and website development. It was a massive undertaking, bringing together the skills and talents of 10 team members into a 5-month project.

John came to us to help launch a new direction in his successful speaking business based on his new book, Do What You Can! John provides advice, motivation, insight, and a step-by-step system to help people not simply meet their goals (business, career, personal) but to achieve extraordinary results. John’s core message is: “Get extraordinary results through the conscious effort of using what is already available to you, right where you are.”

My Team Members and Their Contributions

First, Patrice Rhoades-Baum helped John clarify his brand, target market, core message, tagline and elevator pitches. She organized content for the website, wrote the copy for the website and one sheet. To complete the branding process, Matt McKendree designed the logo and website. Joyce Jay shot the professional photos.

During the book production phase, Barbara McNichol edited John’s book, Kerrie Lian designed the book cover, book interior, audio book clamshell and CD labels. Helena Mariposa did all the proofreading on the book and converted the book into Kindle and ebook formats.

For the marketing phase, I designed the stationery package: business cards, letterhead and envelope. Lauren Klopfenstein designed the one sheet. Mary Walewski is coaching John on social media strategies and Kelly Johnson is helping with administrative tasks. Shown below are the results. Please note, the samples are not scaled to the same proportions.

John Hall’s Branding and Publishing Project: Brand Elements


John J. Hall


Author & Speaker


Simple steps, extraordinary results – In business, in life!

Main Website Address

Elevator pitch for a corporate buyer:

I solve the problem of getting extraordinary results from ordinary people – the 70% of people who work in any organization.

Elevator pitch for an individual:

My simple six-step system shows you how to solve the problem of getting more done, with what you already have available to you, exactly where you are today!


John J Hall logo design with tag line

Book Cover

Do What You Can! Branding and Publishing Project

Front of Business Card

John J Hall Business Card Design Front

Back of Business Card

John J Hall Business Card Design Back


John J Hall Letterhead design

#10 Envelope

John J Hall Envelope Design

CD Label for Audiobook

Do What You Can! Branding and Publishing CD label design

Front of One Sheet

John J Hall Speaker one sheet front

Back of One Sheet

John J Hall Speaker one sheet back

Website Homepage

John J Hall website design

John was very happy with our team and the results:

“Karen and her team of experts are the perfect partners on any book project. Karen personally guided me through the challenging process of producing, editing, designing and publishing my first book, and I will definitely engage her on my future projects. As a self-employed business consultant and speaker, I place high value on engaging reliable business partners – and Karen is one of the best I have ever encountered. On time, on budget, and no surprises. Without any reservation, I endorse Karen and her team of specialists as the foundation of your book completion and publishing team.”